Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two More Wheels of Fury

In an effort to up my fitness regimen, I bought a bicycle last night. I searched Craigslist at first, but was disappointed by what I saw (ie bikes that look nothing like the photo in the listing). I figured that I could spend around 200 on a good name craigslist bike (Giant or schwinn or some such), or just spend the same and get a new "lower-end" good bike.

I got a Diamondback Edgewood hybrid bike. The hybrid, apparently, denoted a style somewhere between a road bike built for speed and a touring bike built for comfort. After my ride today, I can report it's more like a ten-speed without the fancy curvy handlebars. I hope by this point you're in awe of my technical bike jargon.

Anyway. First ride tonight, Playa del Rey to Manhattan Beach, roughly 10 miles round-trip. Getting there was pretty easy, but about 1/4 of the way back I realized I hadn't done any serious biking since grad school and things slowed down. All in all, this will be one more element in my quest to get to a decent weight by my 35th birthday. Finances allowing, I want to add some kind of combat sport to the regimen (kickboxing or MMA). I'll try to bring my camera along for the next ride...

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Joe the Scientificator said...

Grappling is a ridunculous-good workout. I hope to do some more when I'm done with the "intense" part of grad-school. I still prefer karate though... HiYa.