Thursday, September 17, 2009

Major Inversions by Gordon Highland

Gordon Highland's first book is a stealth opus of sorts, borrowing from genres contemporary and historical. Greek Tragedy, Modern Comedy, high concept film, mockumentary, on-the-road epic, musical, you name it, it's in here! The story concerns one Drew Ballard, security guard by day, tribute band rocker by night, studio musician whenever he can land a gig or find the motivation...

Drew's trapped with an awful and manipulative roommate, trying to find his way in the world. He's at that tipping point from the inertia of a misspent youth into an unknown future as a "grown-up". It's difficult to get into major plot points without going spoiler-heavy, but suffice it to say Drew has his problems. He's tied up in Drug Dealing, a slowly failing band, a newly budding relationship, and new hauntings from ghosts of his past. It's simultaneously a slow dissolve into failure and an arduous climb to...if not success, then something that kind of looks like it.

Major Inversions is a solid first effort from Highland - if you like romance, slacker comedies, family dramas, if you're a music fiend, or you just plain want a good story, then pick this up. There's something in here to satisfy every taste.

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Gordon Highland said...

Hey, thanks so much again for the kind words. I'd seen this a long time ago, but I think it was via some other site. Anyway, I dig your site relaunch (more monkeys!), and I'm looking forward to getting my eyeballs on Angel Falls.