Sunday, September 23, 2007

Novels! More novels!

It's incredible what happens when you clean your desk. A new sense of purpose! Direction! Etc! I'm one week into the Max Barry novel workshop and enjoying it immensely. It's made me realize I have quite a few books in my head, a good sign. Max has published four books, but written nine. So, there's hope for everyone. I'm rewriting Hit and Run (outside of the workshop) and using the workshop to finish a fun project called Angel Falls. Once it's out of draft mode, I'll post more about it. It could be the start of a series of books (unrelated except for location and a few characters). I've also got a couple of stories in my head to follow up. One is a near-future SF book and one is a historical horror novel about Sawney Bean. Look him up, interesting guy, interesting family...

Between helping on wedding photoshoots, websites, writing, and school, I think I'm the best kind of busy I can be.

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ala said...

Let me know when Angel Falls is done- I LOVED the first few chapters you sent me :)

(And *when* its published I'll be one of the first in line to get it!)