Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Contests, Websites, and more!

So I've just sent a short story in to the contest over at Machine of Death. (EDIT: They notify in late MAY), so keep your fingers crossed. Also have a one act play competition (I'm submitting Muriel's Fourth Suicide) and a few other things coming up.

On the web design front, I've got a couple more sites coming for actors, a new site for a Hollywood animal talent agency, and a HUGE database (something like Google for .... well, you'll see when it launches). So needless to say, I've been ludicrously busy.

I'm also currently "it" in a send-the-camera-around-the-country game on The Cult. With the blessing of the animals coming up this weekend, it shouldn't be hard for me to get my three shots in...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! How can they notify you in March about the Death Machine story... the deadline was March